What do I need to know about 22K gold jewelry?

22K gold jewelry is slightly more durable than 24K gold, since it is alloyed with harder metals like copper and silver. Depending on how the ring is cared for, the details should last for many years to come. It is recommended that you remove your ring during activities involving heavy use of your hands (i.e. gardening), that could scratch the ring. The advantage of owning Investment Grade 22K Gold Jewelry is that gold bullion jewelry will tend to appreciate over time. It can grow in value, since it is more closely tied to the price of gold. Most jewelry today cannot be sold back at its original cost. Investment-grade jewelry is specifically designed for wearing your wealth, at a reasonable markup!

How do I care for my coin ring?

It is recommended that you remove your ring during activities involving heavy use of your hands (i.e., gardening) or activities that could scratch the ring. With proper care, the unique details on your coin ring should last for many years to come. Visit my article on Proper Care for Coin Jewelry on my Coin Ring Blog for more information.

What does “Investment-Grade Jewelry” mean?

Investment-Grade refers to jewelry whose value tends to appreciate over time. While most jewelry today cannot be sold back at its original cost, investment-grade jewelry is specifically designed for wearing your wealth. This applies particularly to my Gold American Eagle Coin Rings. I've sold Gold American Eagle coin rings in 2014, that are worth more in gold value in 2022 than what the ring originally cost!

Isn't it illegal to alter a coin?

It is. . . but only if the purpose is to commit fraud. For example, if I took a nickel, and changed its appearance to pass it off as a quarter, then that would be illegal. In the United States, however, we are allowed to "deface" coins. If we weren't, then the "elongated penny" press machine at Disneyland, or "hobo" nickels of the past, would be considered illegal. Title 18, Chapter 17 of the U.S. Code addresses this topic.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping Policy

I generally ship USPS first class for items under $150, and will provide you with full tracking details. For items over $150, I'll ship Priority/Insured, with a signature required.

What is your policy for returns / exchanges / order cancellations?

I happily accept returns and exchanges within 30 days

  • If your ring is different from what you were expecting, please feel free and contact me within 30 days of receipt for a no questions asked refund of your original purchase price*. I offer free shipping to get the ring to you, but please pay for shipping and drop it back in the mail within 7 days of your refund request. I'll issue your refund/exchange once I receive the ring back.

The mailing address for Change To Treasure is:

Change To Treasure

P.O. Box 7152

Maryville, TN 37802

I don't accept cancellations after I've shipped your ring

  • I create all my rings to order and typically have your ring ready to ship within 48 hours of purchase.

*Specific year requests (other than the current year) on gold rings will require a 5% restocking fee.

How long until my ring ships?

I create all my rings to order. I can typically create and ship your ring within 48 hours, though depending on my workload, it may be as much as 3 to 5 days. Gold ring orders may take up to a week depending on the coins I have in stock. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you need your ring by a specific date.


What if I ordered the wrong ring size?

I offer a free resizing! If your ring isn't a perfect fit, send it back to me and I'll resize it for free.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I can accept Shopify Payments, as well as PayPal. I can also accept a personal check or money order, though please note that I'll need to wait up to 10 days after receipt for it to clear before I can send your item.

Custom Orders

What is the custom order process?

Simply follow the link at the top of the page to "Custom Orders". Once there, you can fill out the form and submit your custom order request.

Can I use a coin other than silver or gold?

I don't normally create rings with coins other than 90% silver and 22k gold. The reason is that many other coins contain high levels of copper and nickel. Copper is often responsible for leaving dark green stains on your finger. These stains can be washed off with soap and water, though it's something to be aware of. Nickel, on the other hand, is a metal that tends to create an allergic reaction in many people and can cause a skin rash or irritation.