Display of Coin Jewelry including American Eagle Gold Coin Ring, Silver Dollar Coin Ring, Half Dollar Ring, Quarter Ring
Display of Coin Jewelry including American Eagle Gold Coin Ring, Silver Dollar Coin Ring, Half Dollar Ring, Quarter Ring

"Where craftsmanship and quality are paramount."

Welcome to Change to Treasure, your premier source for one-of-a-kind hand-crafted coin rings and jewelry.
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Rated five out of five stars

Great customer Service and lovely unique gift


Rated five out of five stars

I ordered the ring for husband in honor of our 25th Anniversary. The ring was stunning! My husband loved it. Thank you Richard!


Rated five out of five stars

Love the ring. Very original. Thank you.


Rated five out of five stars

This ring was perfect!! I bought it for an anniversary gift. The seller reached out to me until a few hours after I ordered. Shipping on the sellers end was very quick.


Rated five out of five stars

I purchased this ring as an anniversary present for my SO. The ring shipped quickly and is so beautiful!! My SO got multiple compliments the first day he wore it. I really appreciated the personal follow up from the seller, it meant a lot and made this purchase feel even more meaningful.


Rated five out of five stars

Richard went above and beyond getting me the exact coin I was looking for, and making my wedding ring. I love the final product. Made and shipped out fast. I highly recommend Richard and his work.

Gifts to Cherish

Change to Treasure started as a simple way to share my love of Handmade Coin Rings and Jewelry with other enthusiasts. Today, I’m honored to use my years of expertise and craftsmanship to help others forge their special memories into wearable treasures.

Why Change to Treasure?

Gold Customized Ring

As a coin collector for over 35 years, I bring extraordinary passion and expertise to crafting Coin Rings. That process starts with carefully selecting the Vintage and Modern Coins I work with. Once the selection has been winnowed down to top-quality collector-grade coins, I look for a strong strike created by the original minting process that provides greater visual interest and collector’s value.

Quality Meets One-of-a-Kind Craftsmanship

Finding the right U.S. coin is just the beginning. My careful coin selection is matched with artistic precision to produce each ring. While other coin ring crafters maximize output by punching out poor-quality rings quickly, I pride myself on focusing on one ring at a time while taking over a hundred steps to preserve each coin’s signature details, enhance its unique beauty, and ensure a comfortable fit on the finger.

Man making a ring
Close up of a silver ring made from a Kennedy half dollar coin

35 Years of Trustworthy Experience

With so many coin dealers on the market today, it’s easy to end up with counterfeit coins that don't contain the precious metals in authentic silver and gold U.S. coins. I am very selective of the Dealers I Buy From, and I authenticate the value and unique beauty of each coin I receive before bringing it to my workbench.

Two custom silver rings made from coins

Want to use your own coin?

Curious about a custom style?

Wondering if your special U.S. coin can be made into a coin ring? Have an idea for a custom ring? Visit my Custom Orders Page for more information.

Coin Ring Gifting Occasions

Bring your story and history together with a custom coin ring handmade from quality silver and gold coins.

Unveil your captivating story with a remarkable Morgan Silver Dollar Ring, a unique birthday gift!

Express the power of your love with a handcrafted 22k gold coin ring, made from a genuine U.S. Gold American Eagle coin.

Celebrate your relationship milestone with a silver quarter ring or half dollar ring crafted from an authentic U.S. coin.