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The Step-by-Step Process

gold and silver coins

Step 1: Select Your Coin Type

My collection is curated to include only the highest quality U.S. gold and silver coins. Choose your coin type for an American Eagle Gold Coin Ring, Silver Dime Ring, Silver Quarter Ring, Silver Half Dollar Ring, or Morgan Silver Dollar Ring for which ever suits your style!

Step 2: Choose Your Ring Size and Desired Finish

My coin rings offer a variety of options for you to customize the style, size, and finish you want. Most coin rings offer a choice of a year as well. Feel free to Contact Me and ask about any further customizations.

Various silver and gold rings made from coins.
Man making a ring

Step 3: Expect the Best

As the sole craftsman at Change to Treasure, I personally handcraft each coin ring to your exact specifications. My specialized process involves meticulously crafting your coin ring to preserve its unique details both inside and outside the band. I also take extra time to round the edges for a smooth, comfortable fit, ensuring that your coin ring concludes with a beautiful, eye-catching finish. As an admitted perfectionist, I never call a coin ring “complete” until I’ve achieved beautiful symmetry, comfortable fit, and superior quality from every angle. 

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Two custom silver rings made from coins

Want to use your own coin?

Curious about a custom style?

Wondering if your special U.S. coin can be made into a ring? Have an idea for a custom ring? Visit my Custom Orders Page for more information.

Coin Ring Gifting Occasions

Bring your story and history together with a custom coin ring handmade from quality silver and gold coins.

Unveil your captivating story with a remarkable Morgan Silver Dollar Ring, a unique birthday gift!

Express the power of your love with a handcrafted 22k Gold Coin Ring, made from a genuine U.S. Gold American Eagle coin.

Celebrate your relationship milestone with a Silver Quarter Ring or Half Dollar Ring crafted from an authentic U.S. coin.

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