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Obverse side of Silver Franklin Half Dollar

Coin collecting is a multifaceted hobby that attracts individuals for various reasons. At its core, a coin collector is someone who accumulates coins for sentimental, investment, or curious purposes. For my grandmother, being a coin collector meant preserving mementos from her many travels, as well as coins given to her by friends. She cherished these pieces as they held memories and stories close to her heart.

Collectors are often drawn to coins with errors or abnormalities, seeking the uniqueness and rarity they offer. Personally, I have collected coins with the intention of reselling them, but I also keep those that have left a lasting impact on me. Each coin represents a chapter in my life, reminding me of special moments or important milestones.

Creating coin rings has become a natural extension of my passion for coin collecting. Among the motifs that resonate with me, the In God We Trust motto holds a special place. It serves as a powerful reminder during times when life seems chaotic and confusing, grounding me with its message of faith and resilience.

Additionally, the intrinsic value found in 90% silver and 22k gold coins adds another layer of fascination to the world of coin collecting. Beyond their historical and numismatic significance, these precious metals possess an enduring allure and timeless beauty that transcends generations.

Embrace the captivating world of coin collecting and discover the profound connections to history, sentiment, and personal significance it offers. Whether you collect for the joy of preserving memories, the thrill of finding rare coins, or the appreciation of precious metals, this captivating hobby invites you to embark on a journey filled with stories, value, and appreciation for the intricate artistry that resides within each coin.

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