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Morgan silver dollar coin ring

Speaking from personal experience, I find that coins are absolutely fascinating for many reasons. One reason is that historically coins have been made from precious metals like silver and gold. Therefore, coins have an intrinsic value. For millennia people have worn coin jewelry as a way to represent their wealth. Even today, you can find Gold Coin Rings in my shop with a rich and prominent feel that make a real statement. A coin ring can be a thoughtful gift for people who enjoy wearing something of value.

 Before 1965, the circulating United States Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, and Dollar Coins were all made from a 90% silver alloy, with the remainder being copper. The alloy made for a more durable coin but with the added intrinsic value of silver. The face value of the coins was initially intended to be tied directly to the value of the silver it contained. So, in 1921, for example, a Morgan Silver Dollar contained .7734 troy ounces of silver worth around a dollar. A 90% silver quarter had a quarter's worth of silver, and so on. As the price of precious metals increased, it became necessary to create coins from less valuable metals like copper and nickel. Today's silver content in a Morgan Silver Dollar is worth nearly $20. That's quite an increase! It's more practical to keep silver dollars as a collectible, investment, or even a Silver Dollar Coin Ring.  

Coins tend to bear the likeness of an important figure, like the profile of a president on United States Coins, or even a deity like on ancient Greek coins. As a child in school, I had difficulty remembering essential dates in history class. It was easier for me, however, to remember significant details surrounding coins. An example was that I could remember that JFK was assassinated in 1963. I remember that because JFK's likeness was first on the Silver Half Dollar in 1964, a year after his death. Coin Rings bear the year their respective coins circulated in the United States. Because of this, a coin ring would be a thoughtful gift idea for commemorating an important year, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.

Nearly everyone collects coins one way or another! People may pick up a coin they find on the ground or keep a coin as a souvenir from a special place they visited. You might keep an altered coin, such as an elongated penny made from a machine at a National Park. Coins are often given as gifts or inherited. Coins can be a source of national pride or simply tossed in a jar from being found in the washing machine. No matter how you collect them, they are special. Consider adding a Change To Treasure coin ring to your ideas for unique and meaningful gifts!

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